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Fast Facts About TeenServe

FAV CREW5 TeenServe mission trips are life-changing for everyone who is involved, from the teen and adult participants to the residents of the communities who receive the free home improvements!  The first TeenServe mission trip was held in 2000 in Ladysmith, Wisconsin with 186 participants. TeenServe is a division of Shine Ministries, Inc., a non-profit corporation.

What is a TeenServe Workcamp?

A TeenServe Workcamp is a one-week mission trip for junior and senior high youth groups.  Workcampers “work” during the day and “camp” at a school during the night.  300 to 400+ teens and adult leaders join together to serve people in need, while experiencing life-changing evening programs featuring a nationwide youth speaker (Nate Garrett) and a rock worship band (Zealand Worship/Phil Joel).  Cost for a Workcamp is $445.00.


Workcamps can be attended by current 7th graders and older.  This includes junior and senior high students, as well as college-aged students and adult chaperones (age 21 and older).  We require that there be a minimum of one adult (age 21 or older) for every five students, and at least one adult for each gender.


Workcamp projects will consist of basic weatherization, painting, construction of steps and wheelchair ramps, as well as other home repair projects as needed.  All work is done at no cost to the homeowners.  Construction skills are not required.  Each person that attends rates their construction skills and projects are assigned accordingly.  Highly skilled adults will be assigned to the more difficult projects.


Crews consist of at least one adult and 4-5 youth.  Crews are made up of people selected from all participants.  We do realize that there may be circumstances which require that crews be made of people from your church or that one or more of your teens need to be with one of your adults, so please indicate your wishes in the “Special Circumstances” field when you register or send us an e-mail.


TeenServe will provide meals prepared by professional cooks for everybody, beginning with Sunday night supper through breakfast on Saturday.  Participants will be free to have supper at a local restaurant on Wednesday since they will spend Wednesday afternoon experiencing local attractions and recreational activities.


Vans, buses, cars and trucks that hold at least six people including the driver, are required for transporting your crews during the mission trip.  Your adults will be driving the vehicles that you bring.  You will enter this information into the TeenServe Youth Leader Center database after you register and TeenServe staff will organize the transportation.


Each Workcamp is housed at a local school in the community we will be serving.  TeenServe staff makes several visits to each school to insure acceptable accommodations.  We will divide the school into a “girl’s hallway” and a “boy’s hallway.”  We suggest you bring an air mattress or cot no larger than a twin or single size.  You may bring a full size air mattress as long as two people share it.


We use the school locker rooms.  We require all participants to shower in their swimming suits and we provide separate shower times for adults and teens.


The cost for each adult and teen participant is $445. This includes your lodging, 16 meals, worksite materials (paint, lumber, and other construction materials), T-Shirt, TeenServe Planner with daily devotionals, and evening programs (worship band, speaker, etc.).