Get Up And Go!Fundraising is an integral part of planning any mission trip. Listed below are some fundraising ideas that have worked well for others. Please email us if you have any good fundraising ideas that worked well for your group and we will share them with everyone. We would also love to hear how the fundraising ideas posted here have worked out for you!

Fundraising Letters

We have found through the years that the most effective and efficient way to raise money for a missions trip is simply to ask. As believers, we are ALL called to be a part of missions. For some that means going, and for other, sending. Host a letter writing party for your group, and make it a goal for each student to send 25 letters.  For more information on Fundraising Letters (including a sample support letter), click here: FUNDRAISING LETTER AND OTHER IDEAS

Hold a Run or Race Event

You can make this event as huge as you want it to be. Runners are always looking for a place to run! One organization raises thousands of dollars each year by holding this event in their city.  For a step by step guide showing you how to organize an event like this, click here: HOW TO PLAN A RACE

Hold a “Taste of Your Church” Event

A night of food and fun where “celebrity chefs” prepare and share their favorite dish for the attendees. The food includes appetizers, hot items, desserts, — just about anything that is good and easy to serve to people who walk by. This event also provides a great platform to have a silent auction with items contributed by local businesses and individuals.  For more information on TasteIn events, click here: TASTEIN DESCRIPTION AND PHOTOS

Host a Brunch or Dinner and Silent Auction

We recently got an email from a Youth Pastor telling us about an upcoming fundraiser for the TeenServe mission trip. The attendees can bid on items donated by the local community or church members while enjoying a scrumptious brunch served by the youth group.  Click on the link to the right to learn how to hold a Silent Auction:

Sell Candy Bars

Order candy from a fundraising company such as Seroogy’s, or buy bulk candy at a warehouse store and sell each bar for a profit. Candy is easy to sell because it is inexpensive! Teenagers can go door to door or bring their box of candy to sell to friends before and after school.  Click on the link to the right to go to Seroogy’s website to find out how to profit from candy.

Sell T-Shirts

Order custom designed t-shirts for your group. Most custom t-shirts can be purchased for $7-$9 each and sold for $15-$20. Sell 100 shirts, make $1000! Make it a goal for each student to sell 5-10 shirts each. As a bonus, the shirts will be a witnessing tool, as well as a reminder for those who purchase them to remember your group in prayer this summer as you travel.  Just email us and we will get you in contact with individuals who can help you design and print t-shirts for your group.