What Youth Leaders & Teens Say About TeenServe

good pic but blurryQuotes From Youth Leaders

“For me, being able to be an answer to the prayers of my resident – she had been praying for several years for some help to work on her house!  Praise God that I was able to be used in this way.  It was an experience I will never forget.”

“TeenServe is unquestionably the best youth event we do each year.”

“We were poured into every night so we could pour back out each day. I had the chance to watch my teenagers change and grow throughout the week, as they learned the blessings of serving others, and telling people about Jesus.”

“We are SO THANKFUL for all the hard work and life poured into the week via the staff (and those directors!). When I share the story of God in my life, TeenServe is always a big part of it, and because of that, I am SO HAPPY to get the opportunity to continually be a part of something which was so impactful in my own life. God is using you all!!! THANK YOU for following His call on your lives!!!”

“As a youth leader, I really appreciate the balance of working, programming, and free time. You all help create a wonderful experience for my students that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.”

“I think the structure of the TeenServe camp really allowed me, as a leader, to spend more time with my kids rather than worrying about the logistics of things.  I really had a great time hanging out with all the kids.”

“I most enjoyed the evening worship time and watching the teens respond and participate in the worship. It still gives me chills thinking about it!”

“TeenServe is a winner for us.  We connect with other believers, Grow in our faith, Serve Others, Honor God and Share Christ.  It’s awesome!”

“It was great to see my students get excited about praising our amazing God–and then see them put their worship of Him into practice on the worksites.”


Quotes From Teens

“Being surrounded by fellow believers for a week always is great for strengthening your relationship with God. The worship was great and was followed by a great speaker. The most important part was seeing God answer my resident’s prayers for her house to be fixed that she had been praying for 5 years before TeenServe came. It is moving to see God work in my life and my friends/crew.”

“Turning my resident’s house from the worst house on the street to the best house on the street was a highlight of my week!  It was amazing to see her reaction when we finished. She said she could finally be proud of her house!”

“The thing I enjoyed most was definitely the worship. It’s so easy to feed off of Phil’s energy and really get into it, but it’s more than that. Being in a room filled with people in awe and love for what God is doing is so amazing. Worship has been my favorite thing in the world to do for a year now, and it’s really awesome to experience it in such a big way like we get to at TeenServe.”

“The way my resident reacted to what we did on her house was heart-warming.  It made me really appreciate all that everyone did to make it happen. My youth group will be back next year for sure.”

“I enjoyed two things the most. First, I LOVED worship time. The band and the speaker were phenomenal and it was just such a very meaningful time for me. Second, I loved my crew. I was really able to build awesome relationships that will last a life time.”

“I was holding onto some things that were keeping me from getting closer to God. Through the friends I made, my youth group’s support, and Phil Joel’s worship, I was able to let go of those things and deepen my relationship with Christ. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait until next year.”

“There are so many things I enjoyed about TeenServe. Meeting new people, seeing the reaction of my resident when we finished the worship…it was all just amazing and life-changing.”