Hosting a TeenServe Workcamp

VolunteersIf you are thinking about bringing TeenServe to your community, you have come to the right place!

When you bring TeenServe to your community you will experience gratification beyond words.   It is very exciting to witness hundreds of teens and adult leaders from across the country coming together with one purpose – to help those in need!   You will see members of your community crying for joy while looking at their freshly painted house, or someone wiping away tears because a TeenServe crew came to their home for a week and built them a new wheelchair ramp!

A TeenServe workcamp will have a powerful impact on many lives: the residents whose homes will be repaired, the volunteers who help with the details, the businesses, individuals, family and friends who support the event financially, and the young people who come from across the United States to work on homes in your community.   A TeenServe workcamp will also have a powerful financial impact on a host community with more than $100,000 of donated materials and labor and more than $200,000 of free home repairs for needy residents coming into the community.

TeenServe has over fourteen years of experience organizing these week-long mission trips where 60 to 80 homes receive a makeover.  After witnessing more than 10,000 participants complete work on over 2000 homes, TeenServe is ready to add your community to the list of successfully completed projects!

No successful endeavor has ever happened without someone taking that first step!!  Please click on the “Contact Us” button below and we will get back with you shortly with all the details that you will need to prayerfully decide if this is something you should pursue.   Thank you!

What Residents Have Said About TeenServe

2 girls crew 36 with resident NL“The children that were sent to my home were simply a delight to have. They all worked very hard on this house which needed a paint job very badly. They did a beautiful job. No words can express how grateful we are for this fine group.”

“My husband and I have medical problems, and we could not do this ourselves.  It’s just wonderful.  They did a great job!”

“This week has been a tremendous blessing that goes far beyond the work done on my house. My crew and I shared a unity of joy and faith that made the entire week a celebration of life.”

“Our home looks wonderful with newly painted trim, plus a newly built, safe ramp for my husband.  We cannot say anything, other than thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

“Having your teens here with us meant so very much to us.  They brought so much joy and happiness with them and shared part of themselves with us.”

“These are the teens we want for our future leaders of tomorrow.  If this is a sampling of what our future adults will be, we do not have to worry!”

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