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Clearbrook, Minnesota

June 7-13, 2015

            Clearbrook took its name from a brook located in the village.  It began in 1907 as a community named Shanty Town, with a creamery, a blacksmith, a school, a store, and tent residences.   The village of Clearbrook developed in 1910 when the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad (Soo Line) came, absorbing the Shanty Town site.   It was incorporated as a village on June 15, 1918.  Clearbrook is a "great place to serve Jesus." Just think, there could be a family, elderly couple, single mom, widow or widower that the Lord has planned for you to love and serve in Minnesota next June! How exciting is that! Read More About Clearbrook →

What Is TeenServe?

Why A Workcamp?

Homepage1 A TeenServe Workcamp is a one-week mission trip for junior and senior high youth groups.  Workcampers “work” during the day and “camp” at a school during the night.  300 to 400+ teens and adult leaders join together to serve people in need, while experiencing life-changing evening programs featuring a nationwide youth speaker (KP Westmoreland) and a rock worship band (Phil Joel). Read More About TeenServe →

Plainwell, Michigan

June 21-27, 2015

  Despite its nickname, "Island City," Plainwell won't remind you of any other island vacation destination. Only part of the town is technically an island; the Kalamazoo River, runs through town splitting it into two narrow sections and then loops around the center of Plainwell to reconnect south of town.  Plainwell's vibe is much more small-town Midwestern charm than tropical paradise.   Plainwell was founded in 1853 - and has seen some good times and some challenging times throughout the years.  Good times included hotels, plank-roads, lumber mills, railroads, paper production, meat packing, metal stamping, etc.  Some not-so-good times included closure of the Plainwell Paper mill which caused some 400 job losses.  Come to Plainwell and your time will be spent helping  "the least of these" - you don't have to go far to find families that fit that description.  The need is evident.  Your group will bring needed help and hope to a community.  Join hundreds of teens from all over the country to serve and love on the residents of  Plainwell and Allegan County next summer!
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